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Anyline uses AI to analyze tire health and offer fleet insights

Nov. 6, 2023
The new analytic platform tracks, analyzes, and correlates tire data with external sources to identify issues such as dangerously worn-out tires. Fleets can use the data for better preventive maintenance.

The rubber under your equipment plays a major role in fleet expenses. Along with the normal tire wear-and-tear, their health can affect fuel efficiency and uptime. Anyline recently launched a Tire & Vehicle Analytics platform to provide fleet managers with more visibility and actionable insights. 

The AI-enabled predictive platform pairs with the Vienna-based software provider’s existing Commercial Tire Tread Scanner software. Available on any camera-enabled smartphone or mobile device, the scanner captures and digitizes relevant data including tire sidewall, tread depth, and vehicle data, including tire DOT codes, vehicle identification numbers (VINs), license plates, and barcode information. The new analytic platform tracks, analyzes, and correlates that data with external sources to identify issues such as dangerously worn-out tires.

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A fleet’s maintenance provider can use the data to provide preventive maintenance such as reinflation, better forecast inventory needs, and identify recalls. For fleets using retreads, combining Anyline’s scanner with its predictive analytics can help fleets pinpoint the optimum pull point where the casing is still intact.

“Digitally collecting data from vehicles and tires provides huge value for individuals, auto retailers, service centers, and fleet managers,” said Lukas Kinigadner, CEO and co-founder of Anyline. “Mining that data for intelligence can help predict maintenance issues, vehicle health, tire life expectancy, and much more. We deliver operational and strategic recommendations directly to drivers, service technicians, and decision-makers in real-time.”

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Kinigadner told FleetOwner affiliate Fleet Maintenance that according to large U.S. tire servicers he talks with, more than a quarter of tires on the road “are dangerously worn-out.”

This is clearly a problem, but also a reason to take a closer look at your tire program.

“Fleets of vans or semi-trucks with more than 100 vehicles could potentially save hundreds of thousands per year by avoiding tire wastage and improving fuel efficiency,” Kinigadner said.

Furthermore, shops can shave time off of tire inspections by ditching analog means and digitally scanning needed info. This also improves accuracy, as a human may make a typo manually recording data, while that is unlikely with a scanner.

Anyline said it has captured data from hundreds of millions of vehicles, and customers include PepsiCo, Cox Automotive, and Discount Tire.

Along with helping customers improve tire maintenance and tracking, Anyline envisions the Tire and Analytics platform will help fleets validate which tire brands would be best for their application.

“We can measure tire wear over time against a number of external factors such as vehicle type, driver, location, and even weather conditions,” the CEO said. “Over time, fleet managers will be able to predict which makes and models of tires are more efficient on the vehicles they own.”

These insights could also help with driver performance insight, tracking fuel efficiency, and ensuring legal compliance.

This article originally appeared on Fleet Maintenance, a FleetOwner affiliate and Endeavor Business Media publication.

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