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Bestpass integrates toll data with Geotab telematics 

Feb. 7, 2024
Geotab customers using Bestpass can now access new toll activity data and reporting features through a single interface that the companies say will help identify opportunities to reduce expenses.

Toll management solution provider Bestpass is integrating its commercial vehicle data and reporting tools with the Geotab telematics ecosystem, the companies announced on Feb. 7.  The integration will provide fleets and owner-operators with new insight into how to manage and reduce toll expenses more effectively, according to Bestpass.

Bestpass developed its Toll Genius data reporting system to integrate with commercial fleet telematics providers, such as Geotab, to synchronize and share toll and telematics data through a single interface, according to David Long, head of product at Bestpass. Geotab provides telematics data, such as vehicle and asset tracking, to more than 50,000 customers in 160 countries.

Bestpass customers can match Geotab vehicle data and GPS locations with toll charges received from their Bestpass account via the MyGeotab interface.Reports are made if a discrepancy is detected between the GPS location of a vehicle and the toll it received. This feature makes it easier for customers to identify and investigate the issue, dispute an inaccurate toll charge or violation, and reduce the risk of disputes over toll charges with drivers and customers.  

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The integration also has a new toll activity reporting feature that shows a high-level heat map that allows fleets to identify hot spots for toll spend. “This information can help fleets leverage the toll data to optimize routes and avoid costly tolls,” Long said. “Fleets and owner-operators using Bestpass can also monitor all toll transactions and expenses in real-time, easily ensure necessary transponder coverage across your fleet, identify fraudulent activity, and more through their account.”  

Bestpass, available in the U.S. and Canada, covers all major toll roads across the U.S., supports more than 30,000 customers, and processes over $1.5 billion in toll transactions annually.

Robin Kinsey, senior manager for Geotab Marketplace, said the “collaboration offers our customers enhanced capabilities for managing toll activities and accessing new data insights, further enriching and optimizing their operational experience.” 

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