Motive launches AI-powered safety and fleet management solutions in Mexico

Motive brings AI-powered safety, security, and fleet management solution to Mexico

May 17, 2024
Businesses across the country now have access to Motive’s integrated suite of driver safety, fleet management, theft prevention, and equipment monitoring solutions.

Motive, an AI-powered integrated operations platform, recently expanded into Mexico. Businesses nationwide now have access to Motive’s integrated suite of driver safety, fleet management, theft prevention, and equipment monitoring solutions.

“Our mission is to empower the people who run physical operations with tools to make their work safer, more productive, and more profitable,” said Shoaib Makani, Motive founder and CEO. “We are excited to bring Motive’s industry-leading technology to the businesses that power Mexico’s economy. We have tailored the Motive platform to meet the safety and security needs of our customers in Mexico.”

Motive welcomed Omar Camacho as general manager for Mexico and head of the company’s new Mexico City office. He is a 25-year sales and operations veteran, previously leading teams at IBM, ZScaler, Mongo DB, and Cloudera. Camacho will oversee Motive's growth in the region, leading and building a team that delivers support and service to customers in the country.

"Motive has transformed how we manage our fleet and secure our trailers at Mexitrans,” said Carlos Pachecho, CEO of Mexitrans. “The platform’s insights are invaluable, allowing us to make quick, informed decisions. We’re thrilled to partner with Motive and are excited to grow together. This collaboration is key to our success."

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With this launch, Motive has tailored its existing products to the Mexican market and is launching new products to solve the needs of businesses in the region. Businesses in Mexico face challenges protecting their drivers, vehicles, and cargo while operating efficiently. Motive’s solutions for the Mexican market include:

  • Security suite: Motive is launching a suite of security solutions, including an engine immobilizer, door sensors, and panic button to help keep drivers and cargo safe and secure on the road. Together with Motive AI Omnicam, which enables cargo theft monitoring, these products form a solution for driver and cargo security.
  • Driver safety: The Motive AI Dashcam has been updated to reflect the unique driving conditions of Mexican roads to help reduce risk and prevent accidents. The Motive AI Dashcam detects and alerts drivers to unsafe behaviors like cell phone use, drowsiness, and close following accurately, helping customers reduce safety incidents by up to 80%.
  • Fleet management: Motive gives customers visibility into the location, utilization, and health of their vehicles and automates major operational workflows for fleet managers, dispatchers, and maintenance teams.
  • Equipment monitoring: Motive’s Asset Gateways, environmental sensors, and OEM integrations provide enhanced visibility and control, supporting all types of equipment.
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