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BoostBox H2
The BoostBox H2, seen here installed on a tractor frame, adds hydrogen on demand to diesel engines and is designed to increase fuel efficiency while lowering maintenance costs and emissions.

BoostBox H2 offers leasing, financing program for its diesel add-on tech

Boulder, CO-based BoostBox H2 has established a leasing/ financing program for its energy technology product that adds hydrogen to diesel engines. Made in the USA, the BoostBox H2 is a fuel cell-based, hydrogen-on-demand solution that's designed to increase fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, lower maintenance costs and extend engine life. 

The BoostBox H2 system's rugged design has been tested to the same real-world and strict standards required of truck manufacturers with millions of miles of on-road use, according to the company, as well as by testing partners including the University of West Virginia and Element Materials Technology (formally Cascade Tek).  

The leasing/ financing program can help owner-operators and fleets adopt the BoostBox H2 technology. Terms are:

—$350-$500/month, minimum 36-month term (longer terms available)

—$800 down payment required at inception

—Includes 36-month/300,000-mi. warranty coverage

Leasing estimates will vary depending on the credit worthiness of the lessee. Lease extensions and extended warrantees are available at the conclusion of the original lease. Fleet discounts are available. 

The company estimates fuel savings per installed BoostBox H2 at $535 to $1,000 per month, depending on driving habits and engine condition. Calculations are based on 120,000 miles driven annually, an average of 5.6 mpg and diesel prices at $3.00/gal., equaling 10%-20% fuel savings.

The company released this video explaining the BoostBox H2 product:

With an average fuel savings of 10% from BoostBox H2 users and an average reduction in overall emissions of 65%, according to the company —in some cases, up to an 85% reduction in particulates and 30% cut in greenhouse gases have been found —BoostBox H2 estimates users will see a return on investment in 12 to 16 months or sooner. 

"We know the patented BoostBox H2 technology works, and we know any industry using diesel technology will benefit from the fuel savings, lower maintenance costs and overall improved performance," stated David L. Rechberger, BoostBox H2 CEO/CTO. "Now we have a financing program in place to make it accessible to almost anyone."


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