Carrier utilizing benefits of TND 760, TruckMate software

Ryan Transportation Group is rolling out Rand McNally’sTND 760 device across its fleet of 150 trucks and taking full advantage of its integration with TMW Systems’ TruckMate software through Rand McNally’s Connect software.

“Rand McNally’s TND 760 EOBR devices provide outstanding benefits for an affordable price,” said Scott Simpson, senior vice president of operations and administration, Ryan Transportation. “What really sold us on Rand McNally was their partnership approach to helping us develop a product and process that would grow with our company. They proved that the TND 760 can be an off-the-shelf offering, or can be easily customized to meet your business needs.”

The TND 760 features a broad array of capabilities including fleet communications via email, driver and vehicle performance monitoring, electronic hours of service (HOS) compliance, and truck-specific navigation.

Simpson said the integration of the two solutions will give managers visibility into arrival and departure time to assist in customer management and invoicing, and driver logs and location to ascertain driver availability for additional loads. Truck-specific navigation will be available to drivers.

The Connect software will link data coming from the in-cab device through to Ryan’s transportation management software from TMW Systems. The company said it will use geofencing capabilities to track entry and exit of their trucks at customer locations, as well as to help manage maintenance issues and dispatch planning.

“With Rand McNally's TND 760, TruckMate customers benefit from a comprehensive mobile communications and fleet management solution that is easy to use and easy to deploy,” said Chris Maddocks, director of development, TruckMate at TMW.  “By leveraging our latest TruckMate API technology, Rand McNally offers a trusted integration with access to an advanced and rapidly expanding set of capabilities.”

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