Direct Freight interfaces with TMW to speed load data to drivers, dispatch

NASHVILLE. Direct Freight Services, an online freight-matching services provider, announced here at the TMW TransForum User Conference new integrations with both TMW Services’ TMWSuite and TruckMate software, via the Freight Board Interface module from TMW.  The new integrations are designed for use by brokers, carriers, 3PLs and fleet operations.

Direct Freight Services noted that its network links loads and trucks using a combination of the Internet, smart phones, email alerts, text message alerts and a nationwide network of truckstop screens.

The company said the new integrations offers users of TMWSuite or TruckMate transportation management software “the ability to quickly get load information to drivers and dispatchers that can help them get their freight moving fast.”

In addition, the interfaces will allow users to automatically post such information as origin city, destination city, equipment type, etc. directly to the Direct Freight Services network.

There will be no fees from Direct Freight Services for integration to either TMWSuite or TruckMate.  Users will also have access to free load posting, free truck posting, and free truck searching from Direct Freight.  Users who post to the Direct Freight network will also have the ability to post their available loads and trucks back to their own website at no charge.

The Direct Freight Interface is available for TMWSuite and TMW Operations customers using release 15.10 of the Freight Board Interface from TMW.

It is also available for TruckMate release 2014 SP1 using the same Freight Board Interface release from TMW. 

The company noted that customers interested in licensing the interface should contact TMW Sales for details.

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