Fleetmatics launches LogBook HOS management system for iOS

Fleetmatics launches LogBook HOS management system for iOS

Commercial truck drivers keeping track of their hours of service (HOS) with Fleetmatics' LogBook system have the option to run it on iOS devices, with the company announcing that availability today.

Here's an intro to LogBook from Fleetmatics, a Verizon Company:

"Fleetmatics LogBook manages drivers' HOS by combining critical data from the vehicle with status updates made in the mobile application by the driver. Drivers simply log into the mobile app and start driving while their HOS are logged automatically. Dispatchers and back-office teams also benefit from real-time HOS status, violation alerts, Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) and more through Fleetmatics' web-based interface."

Todd Ewing, director of product management at Fleetmatics, told Fleet Owner that the trucking industry in recent years has been moving away from traditional in-cab terminals for running fleet management systems and shifting toward mobile devices such as tablets or, perhaps in this case, iPads.

"A lot of the focus in the mobile space was around Android devices, given the flexibility, selection, different price points, etc.," Ewing said. "In terms of price point, iOS devices tend to be a little more expensive, but there's also functionality in them that has been useful.

"With companies using iOS now, you'll see everything from crane operators and pumping companies to regional transportation companies," he continued. That dovetails well with Fleetmatics' client needs, Ewing contended, since the company's focus "hasn't really been" on the long-haul trucking space.

He noted that the company's product is compliant with pre-electronic logging device (ELD) requirements for automatic on-board recording devices, or AOBRDs. Customers who install the product in their trucks prior to the ELD mandate's Dec. 18, 2017 deadline get an automatic two-year extension through 2019 to be using an ELD-compliant device and system for measuring drivers' hours of service.

Visit www.fleetmatics.com/reveal/logbook-compliance for more info.


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