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Gorilla Safety updates fleet system

Gorilla Safety announced the release of Gorilla Fleet Intelligence 3.0, which the company said includes an overhauled user interface, easier functionality and new features.

The company showed the new system at last week’s Technology & Maintenance Council’s annual meeting.

“We are updating our fleet management software solution to include innovative functionality which fleets need to be more efficient, effective and most importantly, profitable,” said Gorilla Safety CEO and co-founder Mark Walton. “With the biggest issue facing fleet today being driver retention, Gorilla Safety’s 3.0 release aims to relieve many of the burdens a driver often has while also allowing fleet managers to easily identify the best drivers so they can be rewarded and retained.”

Gorilla Fleet Intelligence 3.0 includes:

  • Improved UI – Driver and fleet manager focused redesign of a new dashboard layout.

  • Streamlined app flow – Improved application layout and flow based on driver feedback.

  • Streamlined work flow – Better navigation for more efficiencies.

  • Better reliability and accuracy of logs and information – With the introduction of advanced electronic logging device (ELD) edits as allowed by the mandate, drivers can leverage ELDs to maximize the workday.

  • Enhanced Bluetooth connectivity – Aggressive pairing to help keep drivers happy without inadvertently losing log data.

  • Driver behavior reporting – Specifically designed for driver retention to allow fleet managers to identify the best performing drivers as well as those needing coaching.

  • Trend analysis – Perform trend analyses on the fleet avoiding future safety violations.

  • Integrated Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) – Advanced vehicle telematics and key insights.

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