MercuryGate rolls out ezVision TMS

MercuryGate International announced it launched ezVision from the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference. This new user experience for the MercuryGate TMS solutions is designed to make transportation management “easier, faster, and more dynamic,” the company noted.

“Transportation management software needs to evolve and adjust to the way our customers work,” said Monica Wooden, CEO and co-founder of MercuryGate International. “With the input from many of our customers, we have reimagined the TMS workspace, and have set the new standard by which all TMS interfaces will be judged.”

According to the company, the report dashboard portal provides a control tower view of what’s due, overdue and upcoming, assisting users as they plan their workflow and prioritize tasks. This screen includes an “unprecedented amount of relevant information, allowing users to eliminate time spent on scrolling or searching from window to window for necessary data,” the company said.

The ezVision interface also includes a single, consolidated search screen that searches across execution loads, customer loads, and invoices all at once. When a user receives an ad hoc request or must respond to an unplanned situation, ezVision makes it possible to click on any record and make edits directly from the search results screen or open a separate detail page to access a deeper level of information. Edits can also be made on the detail page.

The MercuryGate ezVision experience begins with the ezVision home screen that allows users to complete all TMS tasks from one easy-to-use and intuitive screen. Some of the enhanced features include:

  • A new list screen with related data organized together in stacked, thematic columns to eliminate horizontal scrolling
  • Contextual hovers for loads, stops, carriers, customers and rates, allowing users to display deeper levels of information without leaving the home screen
  • A convenient navigation menu positioned on the left of the screen can be expanded or collapsed to provide access to routes, loads and analytics as well as an admin menu and a configurable list of portlets
  • The button bar across the top of the screen allows you to create loads, quotes, or other record types, with quick access to calculators and a currency converter, without leaving the home screen

 “We want to make every interaction with MercuryGate TMS the best experience it can be, with speed being a measurable output of form,” Wooden said. “MercuryGate’s ezVision puts more information in front of the user than ever, allowing users to get the data they need faster, supporting rapid and informed decision making.”

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