New global GPS from NexTraq

NexTraq unveiled a new global satellite GPS asset tracking system yesterday, which was developed to work solely with satellite technology. According to the company, the NexTraq Satellite Tracking device is safe for use in Class I, Division 1 environments with combustible atmospheres, which is useful for companies that work with oil and gas and other industries where this is an issue.

“We continue to develop new solutions that are truly useful for our customer base,” noted Mike Scarbrough, CEO of NexTraq.  “The new satellite tracking device is a practical solution for tracking assets in areas where finding a strong cell signal can be an issue. While cellular networks continue to expand, we understand that the needs of our customers require tracking assets in every corner of the world and we have to ensure they have the most reliable solution available.”

The design of the new satellite tracking device is intended to allow for quick and easy installation and field management. It also utilizes off-the-shelf batteries to help reduce total operating cost.

“By supplementing NexTraq’s CDMA and GPRS vehicle and asset tracking with satellite asset tracking, our customers can see all of their vehicles and assets in one end-to-end platform,” noted Scarbrough.  “As one of the only companies in the fleet tracking industry to offer satellite tracking, we are pleased to launch this offering in the easy-to-deploy, cost-effective manner that our customers have come to expect.”

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