Online option added to help manage fleet requests

PHH Arval has launched an interactive online communication hub to assist fleets with specific requests and resolutions all in one place. The PHH InterActive Request Center serves as a “one-stop shop” for managing requests through a flexible platform that is also accessible on mobile devices, the company said.

Request Center allows fleet managers to easily access information without wading through emails by assembling the information in a central online location.  This also ensures the data is more secure and visible to the entire fleet team, PHH said.

In addition to the online capability, PHH has made the Request Center available on PHH InterActive Mobile, the company’s mobile tool that gives fleet managers access to their fleet information on Android, Apple and certain BlackBerry phones and tablet devices.

The Request Center allows fleet managers to find, update and check status on:

  • Inquiries about vehicle orders, accident reports and billing
  • Service card loss/replacement and insurance cards
  • Title, plate registrations and renewals
  • Mileage/personal use taxable benefits
  • Motor vehicle records
  • Used vehicle pickups and sales
  • Vehicle maintenance

“Our clients have told us they want more functionality, and the PHH InterActive Request Center is our latest tool designed to improve productivity and enhance the customer experience,” said Dave Zuidema, senior vice president, customer experience. “It makes their jobs easier and gives them freedom to work wherever they may be.”


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