PeopleNet integrations, enhancements for TMW’s TruckMate and TMWSuite

Changes promise greater ROI for TABLET and BLU computers

PeopleNet,  a provider of integrated onboard computing and mobile communications systems, and TMW Systems, a provider of transportation management solutions, announced this week new integration features for both TMW’s TruckMate and TMWSuite solutions “to make drivers and dispatchers more efficient.”

“These new and enhanced features are the result of our continued joint focus with TMW Systems on helping our mutual customers more deeply leverage their in-cab technology investment in our TABLET and BLU, computers,” said Randy Boyles, PeopleNet’s vice president of Tailored Solutions. “By further expediting in-cab and back-office workflows, we are adding new efficiencies that generate even greater productivity throughout fleet operations.”

New TruckMate functionality includes enhancements that embed decision-tree forms within Automated Workflow for prompting the driver upon stop arrival. Auto-arrive and depart geofences further enable monitoring of terminal stops.

New, customizable looping and branching enhancements to embedded decision-tree forms help LTL fleet drivers who have multiple freight bills, PeopleNet noted And “decision-tree forms” embedded in PeopleNet’s Automated Workflow as part of the TruckMate dispatch automatically prompt the driver at designated points after arrival, “so drivers don’t have to search for blanks to complete, which makes form completion faster and more accurate.”

Another new TruckMate feature that allows dispatchers to customize stop profiles with either an “arrive” or “depart” geofence enables complete monitoring of terminal stops. If a driver is at a terminal when starting their load, a “depart” geofence indicates that the driver is leaving the terminal stop, PeopleNet explained. The departure initiates a load progression that follows the departure with an arrival, etc. In addition, dispatchers can select or deselect stops from the “load offer” screen in Automated Workflow, and send an updated dispatch reflecting their changes.

In addition, TMWSuite integrations have been extended to include signature capture for fleets equipped with PeopleNet TABLET. For fleets equipped with PeopleNet TABLET, another new integration allows signatures captured on a form to be accepted by TMWSuite and automatically entered into its billing system. PeopleNet said This new capability expedites and automates billing immediately after a customer receives a load to eliminate weeks from the accounting cycle and improve cash flow.


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