RollTek now on National Seating platform

Seat belt technology and airbags better protect drivers during a rollover

IMMI’s RollTeck is now available on the National Seating platform.

According to the company, RollTek combines advanced seat belt technology and airbag protection to better protect truck drivers in one of the worst kinds of accidents they face – a rollover. More than 50% of all truck driver fatalities occur during rollovers, the company said.

“With RollTek, drivers have a better chance of not only surviving, but walking away,” the company said. “Some fleets such as Gemini Motor Transport believe in RollTek so much they won’t buy a truck without it.”

According to the company, when the RollTek sensor detects an imminent rollover, the seat belt pretensioner tightens, holding the driver in the seat. The seat is then pulled down to its lowest level to increase survival space in the cab. Lastly, an airbag deploys to cushion the head and neck.

See RollTek in action.

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