TCG solutions to be sold as bundles with TMW software

Customers of TMW Systems can now purchase software that bundles TMW’s TMS interfaces with solutions from Transportation Costing Group (TCG).

TCG is a provider of activity-based costing and profitability management tools for truckload and less-than-truckload carriers.

The agreement between the two companies will allow TCG to license the Innovative IES TCG Interface, the TruckMate TCG Interface, and the TMWSuite TCG SmartLink with the purchase of their activity-based costing and profitability management tools.

Implementing the respective TCG integration module enables TMW customers to transfer data seamlessly to TCG’s Cost Information System, the company said. The financial and operational data is then used to develop actual cost and profitability information on each and every load in a given period in the TCG software, including payroll, toll and other inputs, with full reconciliation to the general ledger.

“This new agreement enhances our longstanding partnership enabling TCG to quickly and effectively implement its profitability management tools for truckload and less-than-truckload carriers that run TMW Systems Transportation Management Software,” said David Wangler, president of TMW Systems. “Our customers will find it much more convenient to benefit from TCG solutions because a single purchase and license agreement can now cover both TCG software and the specific TMW integration.”

“The two companies complement each other well and this agreement really moves the partnership to a new level, streamlining the implementation process,” said Ken Manning, president of TCG. “The motor carriers we serve will benefit from the availability of a highly fact-based and accurate representation of costs when they are pricing prospective freight. We continue to work closely with TMW to better serve our mutual customers.”

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