Groups partner to host ELD education series

Sept. 6, 2017
Dart Network, ATBS and Drivers Legal Plan launched an education initiative and website dedicated to preparing over-the-road drivers for the transition to ELDs.

The Dart Network, ATBS and Drivers Legal Plan announced the launch of an education initiative and a website dedicated to preparing over-the-road professional drivers for the upcoming transition to electronic logging devices (ELDs). Through, Dart, ATBS and Drivers Legal Plan have constructed a web-based platform of resources focused on providing information that will allow professional drivers to prepare ahead of the December deadline for the federally-mandated implementation of ELDs.

The initiative will provide a hands-on, in-person educational program, which will take place twice a week at locations within the Dart Network. Beginning in mid-September and running through early December, Dart will host lunch-and-learn seminars designed to introduce professional drivers to electronic logging, providing the same of type of experience that Dart utilized in transitioning its entire fleet, including over 1,600 owner-operators, to electronic logging.

“As we looked at the atmosphere surrounding the implementation of the ELD mandate, it’s very much like the atmosphere that surrounded the implementation of the Commercial Driver’s License. Back in 1992, there were a lot of good people who saw CDL as a reason to consider leaving the industry,” said Russ Moore, vice president of communications and marketing for Dart. “Given all the discussion that has surrounded e-logs over the past couple of years, I’m of the belief that many good people behind the wheel today will see the ELD mandate as a reason to leave the industry. We don’t want to see that happen.

The time for the class runs approximately one hour, and members of Dart’s team will be prepared to answer questions from the class regarding e-logs. Following the class, participants will be served lunch with barbecue on the menu in Texas and catered sandwiches in Minnesota.

The current schedule calls for the lunch-and-learns to be held every Wednesday and Friday beginning with the first session on Wednesday, Sept. 13, and the final session on Friday, Dec. 8. Dart will be holding one series of lunch-and-learns at the company’s headquarters in Eagan, Minnesota, while the other lunch-and-learn program will take place at a Dart Network’s operating center in Lancaster, Texas. 

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