Top that: 'I took home a Harley at Omnitracs Outlook 2017'

PHOENIX. Fleets certainly take pride in their trucks in the four- to 18-wheel varieties, but it turns out a good many fleet folks also appreciate those vehicles of a two-wheeled, rumbling and slightly wicked nature. And it looks like that's especially true for Ronny Eddleman of Kingman, AZ.

Eddleman, an attendee of Omnitracs' Outlook 2017 user conference, won the conference giveaway of giveaways: a brand-new Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight, which the OEM plugged as "the epitome of Harley-Davidson minimalism." This one in particular features subtle Omnitracs and partner sponsor Drivewyze graphics and details on the front and rear fenders and a gold-sparkle/flame finish on the tank.

While Eddleman likely had the most memorable evening, other attendees enjoyed themselves at the Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale, AZ dealership, which features an extensive showroom and folds in a multi-level party venue.

The giveaway and focus on the proudly USA-made Harleys couldn't have been more timely, with President Trump making Harley-Davidson a major point in his address to Congress last night regarding trade and economic growth. The president held up Harley-Davidson as a model of American manufacturing excellence but said other countries putting huge tariffs on such products when importing them is unfair and needs to stop.

Asked how it felt to nab such a sweet prize, Eddleman could only crack a huge grin and burst out laughing. While this drawing and prize were for Outlook attendees, and Fleet Owner certainly congratulates Mr. Eddleman, we're just going to go ahead and say it:

We're really jealous. Like seriously.

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