Transport America adopts EFS solution for payments platform

Transport America has switched its payments platform over to a solution from Electronic Funds Source (EFS).

“EFS built an upgraded terminal fuel integration and customized real-time web services enabling better efficiencies with real-time access to fueling transaction information,” said Mike Masteller, fuel program manager of Transport America.

EFS said the carrier can now use products and services in multiple facets with the ability to also control how they use those products to best fit Transport America’s business needs.

“EFS is a true partner and we rely on their industry knowledge and expertise to help guide our business decisions around payments,” said Scott Arves, president and CEO of Transport America.

“We’re extremely excited to have a leading logistics and truckload carrier, such as Transport America, select EFS as their payments provider,” said Scott R. Phillips, president and CEO of Electronic Funds Source. “As we continue to grow, we’re helping our customers also grow by finding new and innovative ways to help them more efficiently manage payments inside their business.”

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