Transpro Burgener expands use of LinkeDrive app

LinkeDrive announced that Transpro Burgener is expanding its use of LinkeDrive’s PedalCoach application from standalone devices supplied by LinkeDrive to fully integrated Android-based tablets that already exist within the cabs of the trucks in its fleet. Based in Fort Collins, CO, Transpro Burgener is a dry bulk carrier serving the Western U.S. and Canada.

Many of Transpro Burgener’s drivers are using LinkeDrive’s patented PedalCoach application on Android-based devices supplied by LinkeDrive, the company said.

“As a result, they are well aware of the impact that the company’s mobile coaching solutions can have on improving driver performance, fuel efficiency and safety,” the company added. “They are also aware of the financial incentives that they can receive through their existing pay-per-performance program leveraging PedalCoach, which enables fleet owners to reward drivers for driving safely and within a range that increases their MPG.”

In addition, fleet managers at Transpro Burgener said they have found that the drivers with PedalCoach in their cabs quickly became the best drivers in the company with the best metrics for fuel efficiency and safety.

“We are extremely pleased with the ways in which PedalCoach has enabled us to save money through reduced fuel consumption to-date on LinkeDrive’s devices, but needed it to work with our telematics solution that would integrate seamlessly with the Android tablets we’ve recently installed in our cabs,” said Wayne Saunders, fleet manager at Transpro Burgener. “LinkeDrive met this need by running its powerful platform in a way that allows the PedalCoach app to float on top of other existing applications running on our tablets. Now our drivers can run other important applications on their tablets and continue to drive at the optimum levels to save fuel … all without taking up additional real estate in the cab. In addition, fleet managers like myself can effectively manage and monitor the data from PedalCoach for each driver and properly coach and compensate them for their good driving habits. LinkeDrive has truly been a win/win solution for all of us here at Transpro Burgener.”

“Today’s transportation executives and fleet managers are constantly seeking new ways to save costs through better fuel efficiency and improve the retention rates among their drivers. Increasing a truck’s MPG by just a little can have a significant impact on fuel savings,” said Jeff Baer, LinkeDrive’s founder and CEO. “Leveraging LinkeDrive’s patented cloud-based platform, PedalCoach provides drivers with a game-like interface that layers on top of existing applications without interruption and coaches them on ways to improve the safety and fuel efficiency of their driving. At the same time, performance data from PedalCoach is transmitted back to fleet managers in near real-time, enabling them to see exactly how well the driver is performing and how much fuel is being saved through their efforts. By using pay-for-performance incentives with PedalCoach, drivers quickly become more motivated to perform their best while behind the wheel. And with more money in their pockets and more positive engagement with management, drivers are less likely to look for other jobs.”

LinkeDrive’s PedalCoach application can be deployed on LinkeDrive’s Android smartphone and also integrated on Android-based tablets. Fleets can access driver and truck analytics to track trends, compare drivers, assess differences in truck models, and evaluate regional and seasonal variances in performance. PedalCoach enables fleet managers to give immediate feedback on driver performance based on the routes that the trucks have traveled.

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