Trimble adds Field Service Management Connect

Trimble has announced the launch of Field Service Management Connect. The company described Connect as an “advanced development environment and a standard set of web services and APIs that can enhance field service business processes by allowing access, use and sharing of data across a variety of different systems.”

“Most companies have multiple solutions that collect data, which has to be manually interpreted and checked against the same or similar data from other solutions,” said John Cameron, general manager of Trimble’s Field Service Management Division. “FSM Connect is a package of Web services for Trimble customers and partners that provide a comprehensive and reliable way to enable a seamless information flow between Trimble FSM solutions and back-end or third-party systems. This means the value of data can be realized across an organization and the most up-to-date information can be shared instantaneously, a vital requirement for organizations with mobile workers out in the field.”

FSM Connect provides a single point of access for field service information. In addition, it allows users to feed the integrated data into business analytics and reporting systems to make more-informed decisions about their field work that can drive productivity and enhance knowledge management.

According to Trimble, the solution decreases a manual data entry by automatically sending data to other applications. It increases operational efficiency by centralizing and streamlining data views and providing bidirectional flow of data.

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