Trincon to host productivity and profitability webinar

Trincon Group, a national transportation industry advisory and technology firm, will present the next in a series of executive strategy webinars on Thursday, April 23.


The webinars are specifically for trucking company senior executives and owners focusing on solutions to critical issues facing the industry including improving operational productivity, organizational optimization, cost management, the role of technology, and driver development and retention.


“Operating ratios and overall business profitability have plagued the industry for years,” Trincon president Duff Swain said. “Even though increased demand, lower fuel prices and overall capacity shortages have caused a recent rise in freight rates, consistent productivity and profitability remain a critical issue for many companies. It is time we move past the ‘discussion’ stage, and start talking about practical solutions. Like or not, the industry is changing and those changes are going to require some tough choices, commitment, and discipline on the part of company executives. Leadership can be hard, but the alternative is even more difficult.”


To sign up for the webinar, visit the Trincon Group website at or contact Trincon directly at 614-442-0590.

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