Truck screening system provides one-stop data

Help Inc. is providing states adopting its mainline truck screening PrePass service and its in-station, the 360SmartView system, with a single-screen view of all truck activity.

PrePass/360SmartView are truck screening technologies that allow compliant carriers to move down the road while enforcement officials target trucks and drivers with deficiencies. The systems integrate with other inspection facility productivity software such as Iteris’ InSPECT, TraCs and weight sorting systems.

Truck inspection facilities are typically busy places with limited surface space to accommodate technology, according to Richard A. Clasby, president & CEO of Help. The PrePass-360 integration addresses this need, but also simplifies the enforcement officer’s job by delivering all truck screening information in one location.

“No longer do site officers need to check multiple databases to get the screening details they want,” added Clasby. This eliminates the need to use multiple user names, passwords and other logon information to get a complete picture of a truck’s compliance history.

“Our state partners have asked us to help them operate more efficiently by delivering all truck screening information to enforcement officers on one computer screen,” Clasby said. “I’m pleased to announce we have such integration available and will deliver it with all new installations and will retrofit existing installations over the next months.”

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