Schneider Intermodal WEB.jpg Photo: Schneider Intermodal
Schneider teamed up with SkyBitz to roll out the third generation of container and trailer tracking technology.

Schneider and SkyBitz release updated tracking system

Transportation and logistics company Schneider combined resources with SkyBitz, an enterprise supplying the industry with fleet tracking oversight. Together, they rolled out the third generation of container and trailer tracking technology.

Schneider executive vice president and chief information officer Shaleen Devgun stressed the company’s effort to offer a distinguished experience to drivers, partially through alleviating annoyances.

“This technology enables drivers to efficiently locate an available empty trailer or container with pinpoint accuracy using their mobile devices which saves a significant amount of time,” Devgun said.

According to the company, the third-generation tracking improves the solar-powered SkyBitz Falcon GXT5002C, relaying data from arrival and departure, cargo loading and unloading, inner yard movements and idle durations in near-real time.

SkyBitz made changes in response to Schneider’s request for quality along with timeliness and efficiency, according to SkyBitz president Henry Popplewell.

“SkyBitz designs its trailer, container, and asset tracking solutions for reliability, simple installation, and an overall lower cost of ownership,” Popplewell said. “These tools give shippers more ways to ensure they’re delivering the highest quality service to every customer.” 

“Our multi-vendor telematics strategy enables us to bring the best available functionality to our drivers,” Devgun added. “SkyBitz won the day with its latest technology.”

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