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Volvo Trucks VNL 760 Volvo Trucks
Data from Volvo trucks like the VNL 760 could enhance fleet management systems in the proposed collaboration with Trimble Transportation Enterprise.

Volvo Trucks, Trimble to collaborate on fleet management systems

Volvo Trucks North America (VTNA) said it has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Trimble Transportation Enterprise to develop future transportation management and fleet maintenance products and services.

The collaboration would leverage Volvo's onboard connectivity hardware to offer solutions that help fleets operate more effectively, bringing uptime information and other truck data into the Trimble platform.

"We're working together to enhance our customers' fleet management systems to provide better insight into how their assets are performing and offer solutions that will increase efficiencies in their organizations," said Conal Deedy, director of connected vehicle Services for VTNA.

Trimble Transportation Enterprise provides customers with solutions for routing and dispatch, asset maintenance solutions, business intelligence, transportation management, and vehicle visibility to maximize efficiencies within a customer's fleet.

Bryn Fosburgh, president of Trimble Transportation Enterprise, said the partnership with Volvo Trucks would help fleet customers improve efficiency and uptime thanks to increased insight on assets and service history of vehicles.   

Fleet management systems provide information such as location, fuel economy, and vehicle/ driver performance for all trucks and use the data to control costs, increase safety, improve customer service, and enhance operations.  


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