Our Audience


FLEET OWNER's goal is straightforward: to provide the most extensive readership coverage in the commercial trucking market among private and for-hire fleets that operate five or more commercial vehicles - locations where nearly 90% of all power units reside.

FLEET OWNER strives to deliver the audience that packs the most buying power. FLEET OWNER targets the individuals responsible for purchasing and maintaining nearly 90% of all commercial vehicles in the U.S. In doing so, FLEET OWNER provides the highest-quality circulation for the lowest per thousand of any magazine in the commercial truck market. No other publication in the trucking industry reaches as many key management decision- makers within those operating units as FLEET OWNER.

All numbers are exclusive of Dealer/distributor circulation unless otherwise noted
* The above numbers include dealer/distributor circulation
Source: December 2002 BPA Statements – Circulation and units of five or more vehicles

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