Best Reach
Fleet Owner maintains:
  • The LARGEST audited fleet circulation
  • The LARGEST private fleet circulation
  • The LARGEST unit circulation
  • The LARGEST fleet circulation having a purchase influence
  • The LARGEST fleet circulation of vehicle maintenance at a specified location

    Best Editorial
    Fleet Owner has earned:
  • SEVEN National ASBPE Awards for Excellence in the last four years
  • FOUR Regional ASBPE Awards for Excellence in the last four years
  • FOUR Folio Awards for Excellence
    ... an award tally unmatched in this market.

Best Readership
  • 80% of recently surveyed readers reported reading 3 or 4 of the last 4 issues
  • 74% reported passing their copies along to others
  • 2.4 additional readers per copy of Fleet Owner (Estimated Total: 357,000)
  • 67% of Fleet Owner readers spend more than 30 minutes reading each issue

    Best Opportunities
  • "Ask the Experts" showcases your personnel as the authority in your field
  • Well-read eNewsletters series complement your print campaign
  • Put our research team to work on a custom study for your company
  • We'll custom publish a special report, booklet, chart, etc. to meet your needs

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