Carrier, insurance company partner to find safer drivers

Michigan-based Green Transportation, the long-haul division of parent Zip Xpress, has entered into a unique partnership with its insurance provided as a way to attract only the best drivers to its fleet.

Green and Westfield Insurance will work together to find quality drivers who live in Michigan, keeping jobs in the state, the company said. Green provides service between Michigan and the eleven Western states, plus Texas and Florida.

“We demand the best from our drivers and reward them with top pay and the respect they deserve,” the company’s website claims. “Our West Coast service is 100% team service for speed and DOT compliance. … Our drivers are carefully screened during our hiring process. They must agree to abide by our ‘code of conduct’ and participate in training on self-reliance, customer service and freight handling.”

The new screening process includes a number of new steps. First, the company will only interview a candidate who finished in the top 10% of their CDL graduating class. Second, each candidate will attend a 30-day “finishing” school conducted by Green.

All candidates must be Michigan residents, have a “reasonable” credit rating and a history of responsible behavior. In addition, the driver must have a spotless personal driving record. Westfield will be part of the interview and selection process, Green said.

The advantages of this agreement, the company noted, is to put more responsible and professional drivers on the road while creating jobs in Michigan.

The other benefit is lower-than-usual insurance rates for a company that hires drivers with less than two years of experience. That helps everyone including the drivers, Green said, as they receive full driver’s privileges and pay.

This sounds like a nice partnership that will ensure Green hires capable drivers. Of course, someone will have to hire the other 90% and there ultimately is no guarantee that a driver in the top 10% will be any safer or more responsible than any other driver. It just allows Green to manage its risk better, and that is what every company wants to do.