Fleet Owner’s Vehicle Graphics awards go global

Fleet Owner’s Vehicle Graphics awards go global

Each June, Fleet Owner announces its Vehicle Graphics winners. Graphics are playing an increasingly important part for fleets, both from a brand identity standpoint, and from a revenue perspective.

trucklite1.jpgtrucklite2.jpgWhether promoting your own brand or a local charity’s, or even using the space on trailers as an additional revenue source, fleets are finding a vehicle without a wrap is just a wasted opportunity.

But that’s not the reason for this post. I received an email the other day from Tim Walker, executive vice president, sales, at Truck-Lite Co. Walker, who says he has lived in England for the past 10 years, read our article and was inquiring about whether I was aware of any similar publications in Europe that recognized great vehicle graphics.

Well, I made one suggestion, but if anyone else knows of a publication, send me the information and I’ll pass it along. Walker also sent along a few photos of his company’s vehicles that transport the Truck-Lite products across England. Since the trucks were not eligible for this year’s contest, I thought I’d post the pictures here.

Had they been eligible, would the trucks have made the cut? Hard to say. But, it’s clear that the use of graphics is not just an American way of doing business, it’s gone global.

You can read more about this year’s winners here. And if you’re interested in seeing all the trucks featured in our June issue, there is a photo gallery posted here.