Good day and happy trucking!

Hello everyone. I thought I'd use my first post as a way to introduce myself. My name is Brian Straight and I am currently the managing editor for Fleet Owner. As part of my job, I coordinate the scheduling and proofreading of articles for upcoming issues.

Now, I've added the job of blogger.

I'm excited to get started, but I do want everyone to be a part of this. I hope to provide some insight and interesting thoughts on news and events within the trucking industry. But, most importantly, I want to hear from you. Feel free to comment on anything I post. Like what I have to say, tell me. Think I'm totally off-base, let me know that as well. Do you have another take on the subject, post it.

If you write it, I'll post it, as long as its relevant to the topic at hand, and civil in nature.

I'm looking forward to interacting with all of you. So let's get started.