Taking a Swedish view of American trucks

Taking a Swedish view of American trucks

The MB&F M.A.D. Gallery (Mechanical Art Devices) is showing the work of Swiss photographer Ulysse Fréchelin. What makes this particular exhibit noteworthy to American truck enthusiasts is the subject of the work – American trucks.

The collection of eight photographs on display are part of a limited edition book created by Fréchelin which displays his unique view of American trucks and trucking. The book, which features 100 such photos, all numbered and signed, is simply called “American Trucks.”

(Click to see a selection of some of the photos)

Fréchelin  graduated from Vevey’s renowned School of Photography, specializing in still-life techniques using natural light.

According to a press release, this latest project, to Fréchelin, is not so much a display of the trucks, but what they represent to him. Born in Arizona in 2013, this series of photographs witnesses the artist’s love at first sight when discovering American trucks on the road. Trucks whose marked graphics, shiny chromes and vibrant colors – bright red, lemon yellow, sherbet orange – cannot be ignored.

Individual photos from the book, as well as the book itself, can be purchased from the  M.A.D. Gallery’s online shop.

M.A.D. Gallery has locations in Geneva, Switzerland and Taipei, Taiwan.

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