Transportation economist Noeumll Perry briefs supply chain executives as Internet Truckstop Group founder and CEO Scott Moscrip looks on
Transportation economist Noël Perry.

Noël Perry's Transport Futures launches enhanced website

The launch of Transport Futures’ new, enhanced website contains an introductory benefit for industry participants, an analysis of the favorable Second Quarter U.S. 4.1% GDP growth just announced by the Census Bureau.

Such analysis is typical of the service customers receive from Transport Futures: concise commentary on important events, with implications for shippers and carriers clearly spelled out, according to a news release. You can find the new website at, where you can read the "special, free commentary."   

Transport Futures is the trade name for Noël Perry’s analysis of all things pertaining to North American heavy freight. Perry’s customers enjoy the benefit of unconventional insight, often warning them of impending events before the fact, according to Transport Futures. His forecast of the current capacity crisis as far back as 2011 is a recent example, a forecast he stayed with even as the market slumped in 2015 and 2016.

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