Freightliner Custom Chassis Company and EAVX partner to launch the Proxima van on both a gas-powered and electric chassis. The companies made the announcement at this year’s Work Truck Week.

EAVX partners with FCCC to power the Proxima

April 10, 2024
Freightliner Custom Chassis and EAVX partner to launch the Proxima van on both a gas-powered and electric chassis.

A collaboration between two J.B. Poindexter & Co. brands, EAVX and Morgan Olson, brought the Proxima walk-in van to life a few years ago. Now, partnering with Freightliner Custom Chassis Company, potential Proxima buyers can choose to power the innovative vehicle with either an electric or gas-powered chassis—both available and in use in fleets today.

A walk-in van designed for efficiency and safety

EAVX, the “innovation hub” for J.B. Poindexter & Co., along with Morgan Olson, a staple in the walk-in van industry, designed the Proxima from the ground up to optimize performance, energy efficiency, and driver comfort and safety. Features of the van on an FCCC chassis (either electric or ICE-powered) include: 

  • Design scalability from Class 2b through Class 5 GVWRs  
  • Purpose-built custom upfits 
  • Streamlined, cost-effective integration into mixed-power fleets with platform readiness for both internal combustion and all-electric chassis 
  • Utilization of lightweight, high-quality materials to lower electrical energy draw and increase EV operational range and ICE fuel economy 

The Proxima also features integrated technology options designed to enhance driver ergonomics, safety, and efficiency. One such feature is EAVX’s VX Control system, which unifies cab and body wiring and electronics into a single system, regardless of the vehicle's chassis or powertrain. Driver and safety features include:   

  • Microclimate seat for driver comfort and enhanced control of cab heating and cooling at reduced energy
  • Holistic climate control system with an intelligent HVAC system  
  • Heated windshield to improve visibility and reduce battery energy draw   
  • 360-degree camera and blind-spot monitoring for full-vehicle visibility  
  • Single, high-visibility display and user-friendly integrated touch screen for streamlined command and control of vehicle technology  
  • Ambient informational light display near the windshield and in the driver’s forward view to serve as an at-a-glance operator warning and operator support system   
  • VX Control technology integrated with smart sensors provides real-time parking, lane, and obstacle detection, significantly reducing the risk of incidents 

“In this market, even though the walk-in van has been simple for 25-30 years, this is truly, in my opinion, the most practical next-generation walk-in van design,” Bryan Henke, FCCC’s product marketing manager, told FleetOwner on the Work Truck Week show floor in Indianapolis. “Obviously we've seen other vehicles that are very futuristic and bubbly and things of that sort ... This is the iteration that was like, ‘That makes sense.’” 

FCCC versions of the Proxima walk-in van 

Although the launch was announced at this year’s Work Truck Week, the Proxima isn’t completely new. The concept was first introduced in summer 2022, powered by REE Automotive’s P7 platform and its REEcorner technology. This launch with FCCC is the second iteration of the Proxima. 

The EV version of the Proxima is powered by FCCC’s MT50e all-electric chassis with a range of up to 180 miles, engine power of up to 226 kWh or the equivalent of 303 hp, and a full battery charge in three hours. It is currently being used in real fleets across North America. 

The gas version of the FCCC Proxima rests on the FCCC MTG 6.6-liter chassis with direct fuel-injection technology and an Allison six-speed transmission. 

“It’s an exciting time for Morgan Olson, EAVX, and Freightliner Custom Chassis to collaborate on this newest version of Proxima, especially as we prepare to deploy the first units for customer evaluation and testing in late 2024 or early 2025,” Mike Ownbey, Morgan Olson president and CEO, said. “I also want to share my appreciation and gratitude to our customers for sharing their valuable fleet insights during the development of this newly designed Proxima vehicle."

FCCC Proxima, powered by a nationwide network

While the Proxima body hasn’t yet made its way into fleets and onto the roads and streets of the nation, both FCCC chassis are available today—and have been for some time. The electric FCCC MT50e platform, available since 2021, is capable of a GVWR from 16,000 to 23,000 lb. The gas-powered MT is available as MT45 or MT55, which can handle 14,990 to 19,500 lb. GVW and 19,500 to 23,000 lb. GVW, respectively. The gas powertrain was designed for fuel efficiency and is up to 6% more efficient than the competition, according to FCCC.  

Pairing the Proxima van with an FCCC platform means customers will have access to FCCC’s nationwide service network, which Henke said is an important aspect of the pickup and delivery segment. 

“One of the biggest pillars that makes an OEM strong is its nationwide service capability or network,” Henke told FleetOwner. “Our current distribution centers—450 to 600 service locations throughout the country—are pivotal to a guy who buys one [Proxima] or even a [fleet] that buys thousands, and that's just absolutely critical to our industry because these products can't move forward as science experiments.” 

From FCCC’s standpoint, Henke said that Morgan Olson is and always has been a great partner. And when it comes to taking trucking technology to the next level, it’s crucial to “address everything from the technology itself to the capability of taking care of a customer afterward.”

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