Cummins to provide diesel power for Nissan Titan

Cummins to provide diesel power for Nissan Titan

Cummins is going to provide a 5-liter V8 diesel engine for Nissan’s redesigned Titan full-size pickup, scheduled to be introduced in the 2015 model year – a diesel engine that will offer an estimated 300 hp and mid-500 ft.-lbs. worth of torque.

Fred Diaz, newly-installed VP for Nissan sales & marketing, service & parts, explained during the “Nissan 360” showcase this week highlighting the OEM’s global product and technology portfolio that the Cummins diesel option will bring more capability to the Titan pickup.

"We're going to be the only ones to have a V8 diesel in a 1500 truck which is a pretty neat space to play in because you're actually going to be more powerful and bigger and have more capability than a 1500 but not quite at the level of a 2500," he said.

Ric Kleine, VP at Cummins, added that the two companies have been working on this engine-truck combination “for a period of time, we've had the time to really do it right,” while noting that Cummins is also developing a version of the engine for its commercial vehicle customers.

[Video of the engine introduction can be viewed by clicking here.]

"We have done our homework on the next-generation Titan,” Nissan’s Diaz added. “Truck owners told us there's a demand for the performance and torque of a diesel in a capable truck that doesn't require the jump up to a heavy-duty commercial pickup. We expect to win new fans and attract buyers looking for this unique configuration."

He pointed out that the Cummins diesel won’t be the only change to the new Titan, either, as new powertrain options, different cab configurations and several truck bed sizes are expected to be introduced with this revamped pickup as well.

Nissan said it won’t announce launch dates at this stage in the Titan’s development – a truck model it first introduced in 2003 – but added that engineering prototypes powered by the new 5L Cummins engine are already undergoing extensive on-public-highway performance along with durability testing.

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