Dana introduces Spicer performance spools

Dana has unveiled new Spicer performance spools to help fleets maintain traction off-road and on.

Spicer spools keep the right and left axles spinning together, delivering constant traction and peak performance. 

“Spicer performance spools offer benefits that standard differentials cannot offer,” said Bill Gryzenia, vice president and general manager, Dana Aftermarket. “They replace the need for a differential, eliminating failures from high-torque, high-impact conditions.” 

The Spicer spools are forged from high-strength chromoly 4140 steel to provide optimal performance. Each unit is heat treated and metallurgically tested to ensure ideal hardness for performance applications. 

With 21 stock-keeping units (SKUs), the Spicer spools are available for Dana, Ford, GM, Chrysler and Toyota axle applications. Special, lightweight versions are available for some applications, providing reduced rotating mass.

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