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Kenworth K370 Cabover
Kenworth K370 Cabover

Kenworth adds three new Dana Spicer axles

Kenworth has more options to choose from for customers interested in the K270 and K370 medium-duty cabovers.

Three new Dana Spicer S140 single-reduction, single-drive axle series are available. They go from 16,000-lb. up to 21,000-lb. gross axle weight rating, and Dana said they are crafted to support various applications with extensive coverage from 3.31 to 6.50 to create heightened performance regardless of the type of haul. The enhanced gearing and bearings can support high horsepower and torque engines.

For streamlined fit up, standard “R” series spindles are fitted, and the S140 axle option utilizes GenTech gearing to lower sound levels to 12dB.

In contrast with the Dana P20060S axle, the S140 boasts up to 85 lbs. in weight savings. The S21-172 runs on 10 pints of oil, and provides 57 lbs. in weight savings and has 10-20% power loss from its earlier S21-170 design.

The E1002IL steer axle uses a steel beam to cut down on weight by 35 lbs. without compromising strength or break time, the company added. Beams are fit for standard or wide widths, but both are single-forged and support the steer arm, spindle and tie rod arm.

The kingpin provides 15% larger bushing area that requires less maintenance, while touting added support from the compressible inserts.

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