Lightweight bumper offered for Coronado SD

Lightweight bumper offered for Coronado SD

Hendrickson Bumper and Trim has released the Aero Clad Coronado SD bumper, a lightweight, corrosion-resistant bumper. The bumper is part of the Hendrickon’s All Makes bumper product line.

The Coronado SD bumper in Aero Clad offers a bright mirrored finish that promotes better corrosion resistance and weight savings. Over 150 lbs. lighter compared to the OEM steel bumper, the bumper provides a lightweight and durable option to fleets, Hendrickson said.

Aero Clad is a bi-metal material that bonds stainless steel and aluminum at a molecular level. The result is chrome like finish that will not rust, peel or fade over time. In addition, the material is much lighter than traditional steel bumpers while maintaining higher yield strength producing a bumper with the utmost durability.

The Aero Clad is offered with a five-year limited warranty.

Coronado SD bumpers in Aero Clad are available today through the Hendrickson All Makes program and can be purchased through Freightliner dealers.

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