Lightweight roll-off trailer

Galbreath has rolled out a new lightweight roll-off trailer offering a shorter overall length for improved maneuverability.

The M6 250 series weighs just 15,650 lbs. yet provides a gross vehicle weight rating of 72,500 lbs. Designed to handle roll-offs with heavy loads like scrap and construction materials, it offers container size capacity up to 30 ft.

he M6 250 series roll-off trailer is available in outside rail (OR), extendable tail (EX), inside/outside rail (IO), and deadlift (HH) configurations.

It features two telescoping lift cylinders that provide greater stability when lifting heavy loads. Plus, its lower trailer height accommodates taller containers than standard trailers.

Among the safety features are:

  • “Plug n’ Play” wiring system eliminates crossed wires, loose connections, corrosion, and splices.
  • Automatic front container spring-loaded locking system and rear container hold-downs help keep container in place.
  • Hoist-up alarm is a standard safety feature; when hoist is engaged, alarm will sound to alert for hoist movement.
  • Dual safety props add extra security when the hoist is in the up position.
  • Seven (7) rollers per side help guide container as it’s loaded or unloaded on hoist. Each roller is equipped with a bearing and grease fitting for easy rolling and maintenance.
  • Two (2) cylinders are mounted on the outside of the rails to provide added stability when loading/unloading heavy containers.

“Galbreath made its mark many years ago with our popular A5 series of trailers, but there was still a need in the marketplace for a lighter-weight trailer that would handle heavy payloads with greater accessibility and maneuverability,” said John Defenbaugh, president of Wastequip’s mobile products division. “In late 2013, we introduced the M6-200 series trailer − the first in a series of heavy-duty lightweight trailers. The new M6-250 series trailer handles longer containers.”

Available options for Galbreath’s M6-250 series roll-off trailer include tarping systems, aluminum wheels, outboard-supported rollers, auto grease system, auto air inflation system, air ride suspension, tire carriers, rear wing plates, toolboxes, and more.

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