Minimizer introduces carbon fiber poly fender

Fender maker Minimizer has adapted carbon fiber material into its poly fender for a sleek looking, long-lasting fender, the company said.

“Carbon fiber poly has become such a popular look and feel,” says Craig Kruckeberg, chief visionary officer. “We know there’s market demand for this new product that combines a great look with the Minimizer poly features and durability you’ve always depended on.”

The fender is manufactured with a thermal polyurethane material with a carbon fiber look. Then, the company said, it incorporates its proprietary thermoform technology and the material is shaped into almost any of Minimizer’s fender styles at its manufacturing facility in Blooming Prairie, MN.

“I’m really pleased that Minimizer now delivers a carbon fiber poly fender that won’t dent, crack, or rust,” said Kruckeberg. “Now customers that need a Minimizer fender to protect their loads, control spray, go off-road and on-road, and take the abuse their industry delivers can still have the customized style of carbon fiber poly backed with Minimizer’s tested and tortured, guaranteed for life brand promise.”

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