Modular air ride suspension line released

A new line of modular air ride suspensions (MARS) has been released by AXN Heavy Duty. The line was developed in partnership with AXN’s European partner, VDL Weweler.

The line includes weldless axle connections that use formed retention grooves as well as a smooth ride and low cost of ownership, said AXN.

“Not only have we been able to develop a non-integrated, lightweight design, but we have eliminated all suspension-to-axle welds.  The result is an easier installation for the OEM, plus easier and less expensive to service by the fleet, should an axle need to be replaced,” said Steve Miller, vice president of engineering at AXN.

The launch plan includes initial availability of the MARS-23 this month, with releases of the 25K, 30K, and 20K versions to follow.  A slider mounted tandem for vans and reefers will be available by the end of 2012.

TAGS: News Safety
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