Montrose announcing a new power tilt technology for trailers

Montrose Trailers announced a new product line featuring "Low Profile Power Tilt" technology for its high performance custom-built enclosed aluminum trailers.

“This fully-enclosed power tilt trailer with 365-degree access is unlike anything in the market to date,” the company said. “Hydraulic power is used to raise and lower the front of the trailer to a preferred height/angle so low profile cars can simply drive directly into the trailer without any worry of damaging the front lip of the vehicle.  Once the vehicle is in the trailer, the wireless switch or the manual switch will lower the trailer back to level position. Ramp length or extensions are no longer of concern, which is especially important for drivers with race cars and low profile cars like Corvettes and Lamborghinis.  Once the car is driven in, the driver will level the trailer, open the passenger or driver side door, and exit the vehicle.  Worrying about the height of wheel covers or the need to crawl to tie down the car will be a thought of the past.”

The "Low Profile Power Tilt" Montrose trailer has an interior allowance of 20' x 94" with 64" height.  The empty weight of this all aluminum "Low Profile Power Tilt" enclosed trailer, including the winch, spare tire, battery, and toolbox is only 2, 925 lbs. 

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