Philatron introduces corrosion-proof power cables and air hoses

Philatron introduces corrosion-proof power cables and air hoses

LOUISVILLE. Philatron Wire and Cable is displaying its new corrosion-proof Stallion ABS power cable and coiled Alaskan Stallion air hoses at its booth at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

The Stallion coiled ABS power cable is a nearly indestructible cabling system that has been designed without the common weaknesses of metal, nylon and plastic, Philatron said. The Stallion uses its own patented Xenoy plugs rather than metal plugs. The polycarbonate plugs outperform metallics, are connected with tensile strength of 480 lbs. and are guaranteed not to corrode or freeze to sockets.

The outer jacket of the Stallion ABS cable is made of a proprietary military-grade polymer that resists road salts, chemicals, abrasions and more. The Stallion Xenoy plug has been tested to successfully operate between 70 deg. below zero and over 400 deg. F.

“The Stallion is a far more durable alterative to traditionally designed coil cords and will deliver a superior service life,” said Phil Ramos Jr., CEO. “The plated, D-shaped contacts in our sockets are a good example of our enhanced product quality, and have been tested for over one million couplings without losing effectiveness.”

The Alaskan Stallion air hose sets feature proprietary materials designed specifically for arctic weather use. The hoses’ reinforced dual-stage walls are twice as thick as nylon air lines, and exhibit anti-kinking and flexibility characteristics from 100 deg. below zero to over 260 deg. F.

“From the Alaskan Stallions’ solid brass fittings, to their glad hand grips and corrosion-proof Armor Guard that replace spring systems, these hoses are exceptionally robust,” Ramos said. “Our proprietary polymeric material construction gives our Alaskan Stallions the perfect balance of long-term coil memory and pliability, regardless of weather conditions.”

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