Propane Autogas releases new LPG filters

Alliance AutoGas announced it has aligned with Donaldson Company to release a new line of clean, LPG filters that remove potentially harmful particulate matter and heavy ends from propane systems. The filters were designed for the propane industry and are currently available through propane equipment distributors nationwide.

donaldson filter
LPG filters

“Two new filters, brought to market by Alliance AutoGas and Donaldson, have been specifically designed to eliminate potential fuel contamination issues with autogas fuel dispenser systems,” the company said. “A highly efficient primary LPG particulate filter was developed to remove 99% of harmful particulates 0.5 micron and larger. Additionally, through Donaldson’s international leadership in carbon filtration products, a secondary absorbent carbon filter specifically engineered to remove heavy ends, without removing the odorant from propane, was designed.”

According to the company, the filter housings are made from a high phosphorus nickel-plated steel, meeting current NFPA 58 ( requirements for Pressure Containing Metal Parts, unlike other currently available autogas filtration products.

For more information on the Donaldson LPG filters, contact David Kennedy, Director of Autogas Design for Alliance AutoGas, at [email protected] For ordering information, please contact Helen Marks at [email protected]

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