PulseTech introduces solar charger maintainer

PulseTech introduces solar charger maintainer

Fleet managers and sales dealers for buses, trucks, heavy construction equipment as well as RV owners can eliminate jump starts and extend battery life with the new SP-5 OTR Solar Charger Maintainer, PulseTech’s new 5-watt system that utilizes a simple, temporary plug-in instead of a permanent, more complicated installation, the company announced.

The OTR attaches to the vehicle's exterior hood with four suction cups and plugs directly into the OBD connector for power.

“A perfect solution for vehicles that sit outdoors and unused for days, weeks or even months at a time, the SP-5 OTR harnesses the power of sunshine to reverse the normal loss of battery power, sulfation buildup and parasitic draw on erratically used vehicles,” according to the company. “The SP-5 OTR is so efficient it typically would only require a couple of hours of sunlight to maintain the connected batteries.”

Manufactured by PulseTech Products Corp, the SP-5 OTR is a commercially rated solar panel for trucks and larger public transportation vehicles. Half the size of comparable solar chargers, the SP-5 OTR has the ability to maintain up to four 12V batteries connected in parallel and replaces the power loss from electrical accessories that occurs even when the ignition is turned off, according to the company.

“A large problem, especially for those vehicles sitting on lots to be sold is how fast batteries can lose their charge,” said Rick Miller, sales manager. “The SP-5 OTR is a simple and effective solution, that can be  temporarily coupled via the OBD connector to provide daily maintenance and be removed for future dealer use when the vehicle is sold.”

PulseTech said its Pulse Technology cleans (desulfates) the plates and brings the battery to a like-new state capable of holding a full charge.

The SP-5 OTR works with all types of 12V batteries, including conventional flooded, gel, AGM and VRLA types, the company added.

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