Re-refined oil meets GM specs


EcoPower dexos1 re-refined engine oil has been acknowledged to meet the GM dexos1 specification. The global engine oil specification was designed by GM Powertrain engineers to signify oils that increase fuel efficiency, extend the life of emissions systems and produce fewer emissions in GM vehicles, Safety-Kleen, EcoPower’s manufacturer, said.

“Meeting GM’s standards for dexos1 is yet another proof point that illustrates the extremely high quality of EcoPower engine oil,” said Curt Knapp, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Safety-Kleen.  “EcoPower also provides cost efficiencies, as it meets the dexos1 requirements while being made mostly of Group II base oil, instead of more costly Group III base stock.”

EcoPower dexos1 synthetic blend 5W-30 oil uses 85% less energy to produce than oil made from virgin crude, the company said. It is available in bulk, drums, and five-quart jugs.

Safety-Kleen reclaims over 200 million gallons of used oil a year from over 115,000 locations.

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