Reyco Granning debuts stronger air-ride slider trailer suspension

Reyco Granning debuts stronger air-ride slider trailer suspension

NASHVILLE, TN. Reyco Granning introduced its new DockMaster 400 (DM400) air-ride slider suspension for trailers at a news conference held here ahead of the Technology & Maintenance Council’s annual meeting.

According to the manufacturer, the air-ride sliders’ advantages rest on its proprietary design that boasts engineering features that will “help fleets reduce maintenance costs in the midst of driver shortages, stretched budgets, hours-of-service regulations and driver-health and safety concerns.”

“The DM400’s unique design has resulted in a ‘just right’ balance of strength and weight, the hallmark of the DM400,” said Reyco Granning vice president of trailers, Joe Gallo. He said the upshot is a result “once thought unattainable” - an air-ride slider that is 33% stronger than competitive models in crucial curb-impact testing.

He explained that the DM400’s seven gauge, nine-inch Super-C frame rails and unitized, wrap-around hangers offer “unparalleled” driver and vehicle protection. Designed to fit Binkley, Hutch and TTMA rails, the suspension has side wear pads in the hanger, enhanced corrosion protection, Q plus brakes and a four-and-a-half-inch multifunctional pivot bushing to provide “optimum control, performance and life expectancy.”

According to Gallo, the key design feature of greater strength makes the DM400 ideal for newer drivers entering the job market, especially due to the ongoing driver shortages. “Under such circumstances,” he noted, “increased curbing is sometimes expected, putting drivers at risk and fleet managers on the line for expensive repairs.

“In rigorous tests, our competitors start to buckle at 38,000 lbs,” he continued. “The DM400 doesn’t even begin to buckle at 50,000 lbs.”

Another safety feature included in the DM400 is its air pin release, which Gallo said allows users to avoid back injuries via a manual pin release system. The suspension also features the manufacturer’s Rey-Align “one person” alignment system.

Gallo added that the DM400 suspension design has “more than 600-million miles of successful service and has endured more than 4,600 miles on the grueling Bosch test track.

The suspension was designed for dry freight trailers, refrigerated trailers and trailer on flat car (TOFC) applications.

The DM400 is covered by an exclusive seven-year warranty, which Gallo noted exceeds the industry standard.

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