Shell launches campaign to promote truckers

Promotion includes a contest with the winner receiving a 2013 Ram.

The Shell Rotella brand is launching a new campaign focused on the truckers. The Hard Working campaign follows a survey of owner-operators and complements the company’s Work Hard/Play Hard photo contest, the My Miles Matter rewards program and the Shell Rotella Road Show.

The new campaign comes on the heels of a national survey commissioned by the Shell Rotella brand of owner-operators. According to the survey, owner-operators consider keeping up with rules and regulations the hardest part of their job, followed by time away from families and then dealing with traffic.

The survey also found that truckers have diverse responsibilities which can include being a part-time mechanic, book keeper and rules/safety expert.  Of the drivers surveyed, 24.9% were home every day, but 28.3% were on the road more than 10 days at a time.

On the positive aspects of the job, though, managing their own business and seeing the country from the open road are major perks, the survey found.

“This insightful survey shows that being a truck driver requires diverse skills and dedication to keep goods moving and businesses operating,” said Chris Guerrero, global brand manager, Shell Rotella. “We recognize that truckers need trusted products and services that can help them succeed in their business. This is clear as we launch our Hard Working campaign, which highlights just how hard truckers have to work to succeed in their business. It includes people that drive Class 8 trucks long distances or someone that uses a diesel pickup in their daily work.”

Radio and print ads will promote the Hard Working campaign, which is designed to promote the life of a trucker, Shell said, “where the primary currency is hard work.”

“The Hard Working campaign will be reflected in everything we do to connect with truck drivers whether through advertising, promotions and meeting with drivers at truck shows and events,” said Guerrero.  “The launch of the Shell Rotella My Miles Matter rewards program earlier this year was a key part of our new campaign. The program demonstrates our appreciation for the folks who help keep America moving through rewards and resources to help them with their business.”

The My Miles Matter program offers products, services and gift cards to users of Shell Rotella engine oils. Members collect reward “miles” by using the website to enter codes found under the caps of Shell Rotella T Triple Protection, T5 and T6 retail jugs. Full-service oil changes with those products at participating locations are also eligible for the program’s rewards. Registered members will also have access to special educational content and exclusive events.

The Work Hard/Play Hard photo contest is open to anyone who wishes to upload a photo of themselves hard at work or play. Each entry must also include a brief story which includes a reference to Shell Rotella. Entries can be uploaded to

People can share their photo with friends to get votes.  If a person’s entry finishes among the top 10 to receive votes, they will have the opportunity to win one of two 2013 diesel-powered Ram pickup trucks plus a $10,000 check to offset taxes. Also being awarded are $500 Walmart gift cards. The contest ends October 31, 2012.

Shell’s Rotella Road Show has been updated and expanded to reflect the Hard Working campaign. The Road Show brings a spacious trailer featuring visual demonstrations and capabilities of Rotella engine oils and lubricant products. Also included is a kiosk that lets truckers register for the My Miles Matter rewards program.  There are also displays about Shell Rotella SuperRigs (see photos from the 2012 SuperRigs), the Million Mile Haul of Fame which honors truckers that have driven a million miles or more using Shell Rotella without an engine rebuild.

The Shell Rotella line of energized protection heavy duty oils include Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic, Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend Technology and Shell Rotella T Triple Protection.

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