Trailer tester updated

The Super Mutt Deluxe trailer tester from Innovative Products of America (IPA) has been updated to better withstand adverse weather conditions as well as increase functionality.

The remote-controlled Super Mutt Deluxe is aimed at identifying the most common CSA roadside inspection violations. It guides a technician through 91 critical points of inspection and placing a load on the trailer’s electrical circuits to identify wiring problems, often missed during routine inspections, IPA said.

The Super Mutt focuses on light testing, ABS, and air brakes. The diagnostic program instantly identifies shorted, crossed and open circuits, differentiates between poor wire and chassis grounds, and provides amperage display, audio feedback, automatic, manual and remote control operation.

A wireless remote allows a single technician to apply brakes from the rear of the trailer while performing visual and mechanical inspections in real time, the company said. ABS codes can be pulled from Wabco and Bendix TABS-6 systems through the use of the MUTT control panel.

New updates to the system include a steel face shield, mute bypass switch, internal regulator, and side mounted 7-way sockets.

The Super Mutt Deluxe model is available in either the 9008-SE (Standard Equipment Package) or 9008-DL (Deluxe Equipment Package).

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