Trojan adds new master distributor in the West

Trojan Battery Company has added Factory Motor Parts as its newest master distributor to service the western territory.  Factory Motor Parts will offer Trojan’s complete line of deep-cycle flooded, AGM and gel batteries for key market segments such as motive power, industrial, recreation, transportation and energy storage applications.

Trojan’s agreement with this new master distributor expands its reach to service Trojan’s key markets.  In addition, the company will focus on distributing Trojan’s OverDrive AGM 31 battery designed for the commercial trucking industry across North America.

“Trojan Battery’s strategic master distributor program is a cornerstone of the company’s success in the battery marketplace,” said Dave Godber, executive vice president of sales and marketing.  “This newest master distributor will provide dedicated sales and support services specifically for Trojan customers in the western region of the country.  This agreement expands Trojan’s distribution network enabling us to readily meet customer demands for deep-cycle battery products for a variety of applications.”

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