Tuner optimizes performance of Toyota trucks

Bully Dog Technologies has introduced a line of programmable engine tuners designed to optimize the performance of Toyota trucks without compromising gas mileage.

According to the company, the GT-T+ tuners can produce up to 25 additional horsepower and 30 lbs.-ft. of torque while also improving fuel mileage.

Consisting of a compact control panel, these programmable tuners are connect to the engine’s control module with wire leads. They operate by monitoring turbo boost pressure, engine RPMs, coolant temperature, air flow, fuel rail pressure and other operating considerations such as vehicle load, and then balancing these parameters by changing the electronic tuning characteristics of the engine management system to yield optimized performance, the company said.

Also, in most cases, the tuners provide driver feedback through a display screen, with some models capable of displaying over 15 difference vehicle parameters. A “driving coach” provides advice on how to improve fuel economy via a graphically-displayed efficiency bar to fully exploit one of the main advantages of installing a tuner.

The tuners also allow drivers to read and erase diagnostic trouble codes (DTC). Additional features such as tuning options that allow changing the RPM level at which the automatic transmission shifts gears, safety warnings that monitor engine, coolant, and transmission temperatures, and even vehicle security functions such as vehicle locking and warning chimes can be adjusted with the tuners.

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