Yokohama Tire launches new tool-rich website for trucking

LOUISVILLE, KY. Yokohama Tire Corporation (YTC) launched a new, dedicated commercial tire website here at the Mid-America Trucking Show. The site went live on March 26.

It features several business-driven tools, such as a new Tire Inspection Guide designed to help fleet customers identify the most common tire issues and fixes to keep their trucks on the road. “The more we can help minimize down time, the more productive – and thus profitable – fleets can be,” said Rick Phillips, YTC vice president of sales for Yokohama Tire.

Other tools featured on the new website include a fuel savings calculator and tire inflation pressure calculator. The fuel savings calculator provides fleet owners with comparative analysis on how much savings they can gain with Yokohama tires versus competitor tires. The tire inflation calculator provides inflation recommendations based on load inputs and axle configurations. “These tools are vital in getting the maximum fuel efficiency and tread wear out of tires,” Phillips noted.

The new website will also serve as the hub for updates on Yokohama’s new $300 million commercial tire factory being built in West Point, MS scheduled to open in the fall of 2015. “When the plant is fully operational, it will produce up to one million truck tires annually. Our customers will get the products they need and sooner than before” said Phillips. “It demonstrates Yokohama is investing in America and that YTC is here for the long haul.”

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