2013 Vehicle Graphics Awards: L & W Supply

L & W Supply

Chicago, IL

DESIGNER: Gyro, Chicago, IL

GRAPHICS SUPPLIER: Modagrafics, Rolling Meadows, IL

MARKING MATERIALS: Avery EZ-RS, Avery Reflective

Following the acquisition of a number of businesses, L & W Supply found it had a national branding problem—not all of its vehicles were identified with L & W Supply. It enlisted the help of design firm Gyro and graphics supplier Modagrafics to help solve that issue.

The result? Bold new graphics are being rolled out across the fleet. To date, some 55 vehicles have been rebranded with the new graphics. The company has 750 vehicles in all.

“L & W Supply is a distribution network with over 140 locations,” Janet Kemp, manager-fleet operations, says. “Most of the locations or groups of locations operate under the pre-acquisition name and design. As we begin the process of consolidating all of the branding under the L & W Supply name, one important aspect was the truck design.

Not only did we want to create a new and innovative look in the distributor industry, we were also looking to build on our national strength. When one of our trucks travels down the road, we want the customer to immediately recognize L & W Supply no matter where the project may take them.”

The design includes a solid red block with the L & W Supply name in white on the doors and black hood that transitions into the red fenders of the vehicle through the use of tiny, solid black and red squares. The graphics also include the company’s website, LWSupply.com, on the vehicles’ boom.

“L & W Supply takes pride in its commitment to safety in all aspects of the job site delivery process,” Kemp says. “This new truck design is bold and distinctive, making it highly visible on the job site while improving brand awareness.

The added reflective graphics also help to make the truck stand out in less than ideal conditions. L & W Supply has recently made a push to communicate our commitment to safety, which coincides nicely with the release of the new truck designs.”

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